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Joshua Hicks is a -year-old independent scholar from Fowlerville, Michigan. Living and working on a horse and dairy cow farm, the understanding of work ethic and entrepreneurship became firmly instilled at an early age.

With the realization of his acquired life skills, at age 25, Joshua incorporated Handy Hicks LLC, his home improvement handyman company that is located in Homosassa, Florida.

His experiences in providing services throughout the local community, uncovered the knowledge that many individuals may not experience as frequently. Childhood poverty!

The heartache that was experienced, presented enough emotion to imagine and create a cure to the dark reality of childhood poverty.

His belief in presenting life knowledge to young people, through early education, unfolded into the creation of the Skill Building Class Inc.

The Skill Building Class Inc. is a free to the public 12-week program, occurring on consecutive Wednesday evenings for local youth that accommodates the immediate and noticeable successful transfer of life knowledge.

28 beneficiaries, aged 10-17, experience sewing, tile, oil/tire change, cooking, low voltage, welding, drywall repairs, work ethic, growth in confidence, self-improvement and much more.

Joshua enrolls local business owners to host a specific talent and or trade that they specialize in and asks that their lesson incorporate an activity that uses both the participants hands and minds.

Joshua filed forms to incorporate the Skill Building Class into a 501(c)3 public charity, which received final approval in February, 2022.

Joshua's intentions are to teach every participating youth the way of building their own shelter from the future storms of poverty, standing face-to-face with the turmoil of life to understand the best way to prepare youth for their future with face-to-face experiences.

Joshua Hicks

Joshua Hicks